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  • New Home-Construction Inspections:  Construction phase (code) inspections for contractors or owner builders.
  • Buyer's Inspection Report: Every prospective buyer wants to be confident that the house that they have picked out will be a sound investment that will not have costly, unexpected repairs. The Buyers Home Inspection gives you the information you need to be confident in making your decision about this big purchase. Our comprehensive report details visible existing problems and points out significant future expenses that you might encounter. Clients purchasing new construction homes often want a third party inspector to check the home before closing to identify any items that may have been overlooked by the contractor or his inspector.  

  • Seller's Inspection Report:  This inspection identifies issues that a seller might want to address before marketing their home. Items usually include  Health and Life Safety issues like missing GFCIs, improper entry/exit landings, railing spindle spacing and issues of that nature.   A long list of  seemingly insignificant items can be a deal breaker with a first time home buyer. When a seller knows about and can address these items in advance and at his/her convenience, it can be more cost effective and can prevent a  missed home sale. The seller can advertise the home as being pre-inspected and the buyer can get a re-inspection from Sommer Enterprises Home Inspections at a reduced rate.

  • Seller's Walk-through Consultation:  This consultation is basically the same as the Sellers Inspection Report but without the written or digital report included.  The client is responsible to take notes as the walk-through is being done and record the recommendations as they are made by the inspector.

  • Thermal Imaging Report:  This report includes infrared and visible light images of all areas of the structure agreed be inspected.  A report of this nature is very helpful in locating heat loss as a result of moisture intrusion from a roof leak or heat loss from insulation voids and air leaks when the temperature differential is sufficient.  When a moisture meter is used in conjunction with the infrared camera, areas of moisture intrusion and damage can be located and  marked.

  • Thermal Imaging Walk-through:​  The client is responsible to note any thermal anomalies. The same information that is in the Thermal Imaging Report is included in this inspection but without the written report. The inspector will walk through the structure with the client scanning the designated areas so the client can see the results from the thermal camera.  This type of inspection is also suited to locating heat pipes in poured concrete floors.

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     Full-Service Inspections Include:    

  •  Summary of Recommendations Prioritized as to:                                                               Safety Issues-Significant Items-Maintenance Items
  •  Roof                roof covering, penetrations, stacks,
                             flashings, chimneys
  •  Exterior           gutters, lot slope, wall surfaces, soffits,
                             fascia, porch, deck, steps, driveway

  •  Structure         foundation, floors, exterior walls,
                             roof and ceiling framing

  •  Electrical        service entrance, disconnect location & size,
                            grounding, distribution panel & wire, GFCI

  •  Heating          fuel type, system type, furnace / boiler
                           vent / chimney, heat distribution  

  •  Insulation       attic insulation, attic ventilation,
                            wall insulation, crawlspace insulation, 
                            crawlspace  ventilation

  •  Plumbing        water supply, functional flow, venting
                            shut off location, supply piping, waste piping, 
                            water heater type/size 

  •  Interior           walls, floors, windows, doors,
                           stairs, railings, interior venting, smoke & CO detectors

  •  Reference     web links to over 400 pages of valuable
                           material (Carson Dunlop’s "Home Reference Book)